Being an escort is a tough job, which is often unpredictable. As an escort, you may never be aware of the things that might come your way. The position is especially hard as it requires you to meet various people, which includes strangers. So, through real-life experiences, we bring you what it’s like to be an escort.

The Cost

Escorts make way more than you could probably do from sitting in front of a computer. Their payment differs depending upon the type of job, but it never fails to go below the average. Their payments may be close to $10000 for over a weekend. This is another reason why people prefer opting for this job. Through real-life experiences of escorts, we have also realised why some of them require this enormous amount of money. Bills, mortgage etc. are few of them.


The type of clients for an escort is something which one cannot predict. Although there was a time when escorts were not treated well by their clients, the scenario seems to be different nowadays. Strict rules and regulations have been put in place to ensure that such behaviour does not go unnoticed. As a client, one can book an escort through various agencies depending upon your list of contacts.

Choice and Life

As mentioned earlier, people who fall into this profession do it due to various reasons. Apart from gaining financial stability, one also chooses this job as they might find it to be interesting. On the other hand, some may also come to this industry by mistake. Through confessions of former escorts, we realised the various ways through which people are tricked into doing this. Many learnt this hard reality and reached a point where they felt like they couldn’t go back. Hence regardless of the fact, every profession has its likes and dislikes around a shoulder full of dignity.

Gender Neutral

Contrary to popular belief, the escort industry is predominantly gender-neutral in most aspects. Male escorts and female escorts have spoken about how they do not find much difference in their profession. Male escorts also get paid depending upon the hours and type of work they have put in daily. Due to a sea full of clients, this industry is actively providing employment opportunities to many.

Not Always Physical

Many people believe escorts to be prostitutes as they have sex with every client. But that is not true because escorts offer other such services too. One can take an escort out on a date and also have a healthy conversation. Their services depend upon your necessity and the hours you’ve booked them for. Although there are clients who book them to explore things physically, it is not the same always.