You might or might not want a relationship with an escort depending on if you like her company or only want to spend some time out with a girl about which no one knows about. How can you cope up with the fact that she has been with other men and will probably continue to do so in future and being in a relationship with her can just be as good as climbing the train of emotional breakdowns. There are a few things that you should know before moving on to get into a relationship and how to cope up with your relationship in the future.

One thing you have to know is that getting into a relationship with an escort is not as easy as you think it might be. The professional escorts are strict about keeping their dates only as their service to their clients and nothing more than that. Even if they seem like totally in love with you, in most cases, they are just faking it because you paid for it. They will mostly have no feeling for you and as soon as the time is up they will do the same to any other client who pays for their time.

Even after this, if you still see a connection between you and your escort, you might propose her for a relationship and she might say yes. But what after that? Here are the things you will have to cope up with while being in a relationship with an escort.


The most important part of a good relationship is time, and if you are not able to provide each other with sufficient time, there is no point in such relationship. Most of the time your girlfriend will be away dating other men, although you know it will not be real. But still her time is what she is getting paid for so more likely she will not be able to give you that for sure.


The hardest truth to swallow while being in a relationship with an escort is that the person you love is sleeping with other men every day and you will have no clue on what is happening to her. Most of the time she is not even sure about her security and where she is. There are men like animals who will do whatever they want with her that is what you will have to accept. That whatever happens to her while she is away is fine and acceptable by you. The definition of love will not have intimacy as a major component and you will feel being cheated every day.



Yes, you will have to keep her secrets and never reveal it on any circumstances without her permission. She has been successfully keeping her job confidential, so when you come into the picture, you should be able to respect her work just like it is and keep it hidden from your peers and society. You will need to respect her boundaries. When she is with you as your girlfriend never looks at her as a sex worker. You need to treat her right, because if you don’t, then you are no different from the people who pay her to do the same. Let her know that what she doesn’t affect your life and you both can live together while keeping her work a big secret.